A place to rest: Budget accommodations again, to avoid pet fees and have easy in/out access.  Red Roof was the pick near Columbus and was newly renovated and clean. no complaints!


Show me the city: Groupon, #eXcapeColumbus  This is more than I expected, being trapped in a room and having to find clues to escape after driving for 6.5 hours, FUN!  Luckily we brought a true daredevil with us and managed to escape in time. #Teamwork

WOO, would be horrible to make it all this way and be abducted by #Aliens, lol

excape columbus


All that work had me famished!



For the Foodies:  When with locals you tend to have the best dining experiences so take their advice.  #JGilberts was right on the money.  This is supposedly a chain but is definitely an upscale venue.  The service presentation and all were phenomenal.

Remember that hair in the ice pop?  Well our server was this hip bald guy with a gigantic beard and all I thought was, if I find a hair in my food…..

Of course, I had to comment on my experience and my curiosity to how many of his hairs have been found and his response was “none” apparently he doesn’t mess with the beard so it does not fall out, cool I am fine as long as it is not in my food!!  Thanks for the beard touching, never did that before, lol

We walked in pretty late and closed the place down.  They did not rush us!

Thank you Lori and Columbus!

Treats: Our server was so on point, he gave us comp desserts to go.. We inhaled the Chocolate and Pineapple Cake with ice cream on the way to the hotel. YUMMMMMM

Good to know: We did not explore Columbus enough but from what I can see it is awesome.  What made it personally amazing was having my friend meet us for a night out.

Trivia:  Friend is a literal daredevil and has gone over #NiagaraFalls in a Barrel?

Up up and away, do you know where we will be the next day?


If only for one night, Columbus is alright!  Almost half way to our target destination we encountered an upbeat city mixed with a little bit o’country.



Drive time: 6.5 hours

Drive conditions: Excellent (avoid rush hours) more mountains and smooth sailing


Image: Sweet Columbus Sunset

Image: Outstanding Scallop and Lobster Risotto J. Gilberts Columbus

Image: Tea Forte Berry Blend steeped at the table at J. Gilberts Columbus

Image: Tea Forte Berry Blend steeped at the table at J. Gilberts Columbus