Check out the action in Atlanta

The first stop on our #DiscovertheUndiscovered tour with our Marketing Agent, Nicole Merigelli

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Drive time: 8 hours

Road trip essentials: Music, gas, water, food and or snacks, sunglasses and GPS.

Drive conditions: Excellent (leave early to avoid rush hours)

Co-Pilots: A Kid and a Cat!  As you may know, kitties don’t travel well but Sundae did a great job of getting settled so we could go off and explore Atlanta.


A place to rest: Opted to stay in budget accommodations to avoid pet fees and have easy in/out access.  Atlanta could have been better accommodations but most times you get what you pay for.  It was clean although budget, I felt I got my monies worth.

Show me the city:  Atlanta is beautiful with much to see and do but after a long drive I chose to visit the Ponce City Market a super cool spot from top to bottom.  The Beltline is right there and for those who arrive by bicycle, they have a valet.  There is a fitness center, farmers market, offices, lofts, shopping for head to toe and home.

Our Groupon for Skyview Atlanta excursion with 2 tickets and box of chocolates, $23 normally $28 plus tax for 2 tickets.  This was an awesome way to see Atlanta but if you don’t like heights, it will freak you out.

For the Foodies: What market is complete without an array of eateries? Many lovely choices at Ponce City Market however we devoured some Botiwalla

Lamb Burgers with Masala Smashed Potatoes and Nimbu Pani to Drink.  The burgers were so delicious and well prepared and the sides and slaw, wow!  A flavor explosion in every bite and sip.  Would go back again and again, if I was closer.  Actually, maybe I will look at relocating to one of those lofts.  Seems like a cool little community, *joke* it gets too cold in Atlanta for my blood.

Treats: Speaking of cold, I had the taste for an ice pop.  Not any ice pop but a raspberry lime, dipped in dark chocolate, mmmmm.  OMG, imagine it looked awesome and the first few bites were delectable.  As we walk around and stopped at the candy shop for the little one, the little one says “Mom, what is sticking out of my ice pop?”  Of course, it’s a hair!  A long blonde hair, YUCK!  We go back and the girl did not seem surprised and continued to push her hair back and try to offer another pop.   Uh, no thanks miss!

Good to know: Park on the street, it costs way less than the parking lots, if you are lucky to get a street spot.  Be aware of the cable cars which adds to the flavor of Atlanta.  When traveling, I highly recommend using Groupon or your favorite coupon site to find good deals on activities, eats, accommodations etc. in the cities you plan to travel to.

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#Atlanta   Did you know you could fly non stop to St. Kitts on #Delta

Pardon the battered look while trying to smile through a fear of heights #living

Succulent Lamb Burgers at Botiwalla

I’m all the way up