A natural wonder of the world, Niagara Falls is simply amazing.  If you have never been, you must put it on your bucket list.  I have been here several times and I am in awe every time!


Drive time: 6 hours

Drive conditions: Excellent (avoid rush hours) although we did have a little traffic once we arrived in NYS, of course!

More miles, more mountain but now I see windmills, cool.



A place to rest: Was going for budget accommodations to avoid pet fees and have easy in/out access and originally booked a room over the border in Canada.  Changed to a US side room 10 minutes from the falls.

Show me the city:  I forgot how beautiful New York State really is.  New York is more than just the city!

The main reason for taking this route was to visit this natural #WonderoftheWorld

Along the way and in every city the local news sounded the same but I kept looking out the door at a beautiful day, even when it was raining.

Yahooo, we made it to #NiagaraFalls and was forced to stay on the US side since we traveled with Sundae, who has traveled to more cities than many humans.  She is such a good kitty.

sundae door

Niagara is awesome in the day and at night so we rested a bit and made our way to Niagara State Park for a #MaidoftheMist boat ride into the falls.

me della falls

As you may have guessed, I am STARVING. Let’s eat!


For the Foodies: After a 10 minute walk, uphill, we landed at Napoli.  Decided to order a pizza and a salad and keep it light.  It smelled outrageous in the restaurant so I anticipated to receive something really tasty. The Pizza Rustica was in the running for the BEST pizza I’ve ever had.  This made up for the slow service, they were busy and I was hungry and grouchy!  All better now, let us walk back down the hill and see all the excitement of Niagara Falls at night.  All the lights, shopping and entertainment were all that I remembered and hope my little one remembers too.  I am sure she will remember how everyone on the street was complimenting her light up shoes, they are fun.

streets nf

Treats:  No trip to the falls is complete without a visit to the #HersheyStore  just be careful with the weigh bags, it adds up quick.  Weigh and run!  Sadly, I think the little one is more impressed with this store than the falls itself ??

kiss nf

Good to know: While there is a food court where we parked for $20 all day outside the park, I know all we have to do is walk over the bridge to #Canada and there will be many choices.

Be sure if you decide to walk over the bridge you have your passports ready.  I highly recommend the #TrustedTraveler program from Global Entry which allows those who pass a very rigorous background check from #CBP and #HomelandSecurity to bypass customs upon return to the US.  It was also helpful entering Canada as they did not question us like they did the people before.  It’s worth the $100.  Also when traveling with pets to Canada be sure to have your pet’s records and note, you may be turned away.  Stay in the US and save the trouble!

Glad I did not drive over to Canada as the customs line was long…..

Bienvenue au Canada!


Reflection and Insight: With all the technology of today, we sometimes forget there are pretty amazing things in reality.

We are all so consumed with beauty that is shared by others that we need to take the time to see it for ourselves, and here we are.  I had to ask the little one if that was the most incredible experience of her life?  The response ”yeah, it was cool”  Cool?  Really? Ok… I guess if that was not impressive maybe next time we have to go over in a barrel? *joke* it is illegal to go over the falls in ANYTHING!

Let’s try again….Come, let us go and see the falls at night, will she be impressed ?

Well, I don’t know if the fact that her shoes matched the lights in the falls helped but I think we made progress, lol

As parents it is our duty to show them the world not only give them the world!

Are you impressed?


Image: Welcome to Niagara Falls, FINALLY

Image: Sun and Water = Rainbows

Image: Pizza Rustica at Napoli

Image: Wear these shoes for maximum attention