There is no place like home, unless you live in the Caribbean!!

Yes, we made it and NO TRAFFIC the whole way!  Good thing I took my #notrafficatol

Welcome to NYC, the place of my birth!


Drive time: 7.5 hours

Drive conditions: Excellent (avoid rush hours by all costs) stopped at Church on the way to NYC


The road from North Collins lead us through the countryside where there are farms and sustainable communities.  I love it, maybe I’ll move here *joke* NYS is definitely too cold for my blood, been there done that!

I did enjoy our stop at the farm stand with the lightest freshest doughnuts with fresh jam inside, delicious!!!!

Back on the roller coaster road, felt like I was on the Skyview again, up, down, up, down.  Where is the Thruway ??

roller coaster rd

Not the route I intended to take but ended up traveling through Pennsylvania, an equally scenic route.

Not long now, almost there, please no traffic at 10pm






A place to rest: Lucky for me I have family in NYC, Staten Island is the homebase.  It is an interesting place to visit but I recommend to stay in Manhattan or Brooklyn for easy access to all 5 bouroughs.  On that note, ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ



Show me the city: NYC is known as the city that never sleeps and for good reason.  I however needed my sleep and rest so I am chilling and doing the Sunday thing.  You know, cleaning and laundry organizing and of course work which I have done along the way.  As much as this whole trip sound like a vacation I think I don’t know how to really #Vacation but I must be a #tourist and show you some of New York’s treasures.






Off to explore #HistoricRichmondtown  with  more than 30 historic buildings and sites dating from the late 17th to the early 20th centuries. The site also contains other former commercial and government buildings, farm buildings and homes, some of which were relocated from other parts of Staten Island.  Day or night seems this is the mecca for #PokemonGo players.  It looks weird when you walk or drive by, kids and adults roaming around looking for Pokemon, to each his own I guess.  Be careful out there!

Staten Island is one of five boroughs that make up NYC. #Manhattan is next on the agenda so I can grab a beauty treatment compliments of my groupon find, but for now I am going to enjoy some NY food and chill with the Family.



Taking time to pray

Crazy winding country roads

Freedom Tower  #NeverForget

Tibetan Museum  #StatenIsland

How cute was the printers back in the day!!   #Marketing

Good to know: Count on NY to have the traffic, Fuhgeddaboudit… so if you are driving and want to get anywhere on time leave an hour early, seriously! Parking in Manhattan is $50 and up for 3 hours, make yourself familiar with parking in residential Brooklyn and taking the train to the city.  Beware of alternate side of the street parking and all other NYC parking rules, they WILL TOW your car!!!



For the Foodies: My favorite place in Manhattan is Chelsea Market, didn’t get there this time but I highly recommend it!  NYC is a food mecca and I always spend the most money on just that.  SO many choices.  Must have’s… Pizza, Bagels, Bread, Street Food.

Seriously, the bread and bagels in NYC are great and travel well, be sure to bring some home and savour the taste of NYC.

Typical NYC traffic, GRRR

Treats: Dough, Brooklyn… please visit and have one in my honor.  Soft, googy, gourmet fresh doughnuts…Incredible  Again there are many fantastic finds in NYC you must go and catch em’ all.

Reflection and Insight:  You don’t have to be religious to have faith but you gotta have faith.  SHM church is a special place where many blessings have occurred and we could all use some blessings.  They do sing prayers in Italian so it is also a cultural experience that you should experience if you are in the area.  After the service the congregation sits together for a light meal and to connect, the kids were playing and Sundae was cuddled in a corner.

We drove over 1700 miles so far and I feel blessed to have made it that far without incident.

Nothing has changed much in NYC, except seeing people walking and texting on their phones excuse me, excuse me, annoying.  I am guessing this is also the cause of traffic and people bumping into each other.  Darn technology.

Who is ready for a vacation?

Good thing these people aren’t “pokemoning”