#St. Kitts

Flight Time: 4.5 hours

Travel essentials: Your device, snacks, sunglasses, sunblock, bug repellent

Travel conditions: Excellent (get rest and don’t miss your early A.M. flight) We are going on #Vacation

If you have been following along so far we traveled by car from Florida to Atlanta, Nashville, Columbus, Niagara Falls, NYC and now  a flight from #JFK and have destination one,  #SXM Princess Juliana Airport in St. Maarten to connect on  #IFlyWinAir to…. You guessed it…. St. Kitts. Flying from Florida to St. Kitts would have been too easy and no FUN.

Firstly the St. Maarten Airport was a breeze to navigate. Customs quick and efficient.

Winair connects your bag and tickets you with ease so you can grab a bite and shop before your flight.  Duty free shops were perfect but save that for later.

Follow along, I told you the best part is yet to come.

A quick 23 minute flight is all it takes to get where most have never heard of before and when you arrive you will see why?

You have arrived in St. Kitts, welcome to your authentic Caribbean experience.

Co-Pilots: The Kid and the Cat!  Yeah, I left em in NYC with Auntie…. See Ya in 10 days…


A place to rest:  OTI is one of few hotels on the beautiful Island of St. Kitts. That said, St. Kitts is what you would consider a virgin, a beautiful untouched tranquil paradise.

Ocean Terrace Inn is the perfect home-base.  Situated on quiet a residential street you would not expect such a welcoming view upon arrival.  Just as you step through the gates, it hits you.  The feeling of letting go, everything you have been carrying, physically and metaphorically,.

For me and many it is business as usual at OTI, Free WIFI and a conference room for those who need to mix business with pleasure.  Even if you never leave the grounds it is truly a pleasure to be here.

Need a vacation away from the typical vacation spots?  OTI is for you.

One of OTI’S many special features is the service. Kittitian hospitality is superb and although it is not a built up mega island, Kittitians are well versed in service, finance, sustainability, technology and fashion.

Every Sunday at OTI there is yoga at 10am with Al-Wali and lunch with a fashion show presented by Catwalk Coaching. This is the time you will see how serious the ladies are about fashion especially the shoes !  I have seen some fabulous local designers showcased as well at the Friday night West Indian Night Island craft table.

During the day if you haven’t ventured out, hanging around the lagoon style pool under a waterfall sounds about right.  A swim up pool bar and peace and quiet, there is nothing better.  Incredible how an event with more than 50 people could be occurring while you are in the pool and you would never know.  Trip Advisor reviews have mentioned feeling like you have the place to yourself.  Uh can anyone say private ?

If you are like me and you go on vacation to get away from the people you see at home,  you need to stay at OTI.

I describe it as a home away from home because it really is just that!

More about the hotel later.  Don’t you want to know what all the fuss is about ? First I need a nap, can I sleep please ?  Oh no kid here, Yes I can sleep… The beds at OTI are comfy, you will leave well rested.

Show me the city: Virgin isn’t for everyone, especially your drink.  Seems bartenders have a problem when I order a virgin, excuse me, I don’t particularly care for alcohol, thank you.  Sounds boring I know but actually alcoholic beverages don’t really like me.

When in Rome, I decided to humor the bartender and enjoy a concoction at #VibesBeachBar  Not bad, oh wait let me sip this slow and off to the beach I go.. This is how you kick off your first day in St. Kitts and it is not packed with tourists, I felt like I was on a private island.

vibes dribk  Did I say sip this slow?  Musta been thirsty

Let me get back to work,  on this tan…the water is clear, you can see to the bottom, nice.  Like every Caribbean Island there are vendors, peddlers etc on the beach.  I have experienced some aggressive people but not in St. Kitts.  Guy came up to ask if I wanted to see his Jewelry and I kindly declined.  He didn’t harass me and went over to the bar,  I sat there in the sun watching my skin tone change from pale and pasty to a golden brown.  OK that’s enough time to go.  Called OTI to pick me up with the beach shuttle.

The hotel is only about 15 minutes from Frigate Bay and the shuttle can take you in the morning and return you back in the afternoon. Convenient!         

Day 2, Fundamental to my success is another beach day, this time to Reggae Beach.

You can rent a car right at the hotel with #TDCThrifty or ask them to call you a taxi.  I had never driven on a Caribbean Island so I did use a taxi.

I had a lovely driver who stopped along the way for the famous shot of St. Kitts.

At the top of a sweeping vista is a profound sight.  Mountains and road separating the #Atlantic from the #Caribbean sea.  Totally awe inspiring and the pictures you have seen do not do it justice, you must see it for yourself.

The road and tunnel give way to beautiful blues and greens, I don’t know what is more beautiful the mountains or the sea.  It’s all incredible. Here I am sliding to my happy place!!!

It’s about a 25 minute scenic ride to the other side.  Worth the taxi or car rental.



Rush Slowly is the motto on Reggae Beach and I agree.  Chill you are on holiday!

Reggae Beach bar is laid back and a definite hot spot w/chairs and umbrellas, beach massages, watersports and monkeys

.          rb lobster sand     rb message

What more could you want on vacation ?

Another fabulous day in St. Kitts…. now, it’s time to eat.

For the Foodies: I do not indulge in alcohol but I do love me some lobster and I am going to have it for breakfast.  The Verandah’s Chef David created a lobster hash that I would eat every morning, if I wasn’t here to work.

There is something about Caribbean lobster that is so delectable, I wish to consume it for all meals while in the Caribbean.  Perhaps it is the lack of eating the “other” lobsters available to me for the entire year.  You will see later how much of a lobstertarian I am.

Guess what I am having ??  Lobster of course, back to Frigate Bay with the family for a Shiggidy Shack lobster dinner on the beach complete with live music and bonfire.  Not a bad night at all.  After a day on the beach and a night on the beach I was ready for bed.

,ss lobster

No lobster for breakfast on day 2, only some toast, bacon, potatoes and bush tea, please and thank you. Breakfast of champions!

What is bush tea you ask ?  It is a lovely tea of steeped lime leaves, lemongrass and maybe some other bush like aromatics. Light and refreshing hot or cold.

Treats: I visited during #RestaurantWeek2016 and was lucky to have the Pumpkin Cheesecake at The Verandah

pumpkin cheesecake Light and fluffy Caribbean cheesecake

I did not indulge on dessert in St. Kitts, I did however overdose on lobster.  Sometimes there has to be a give and take  *smile*

There is always an array of desserts at West Indian Night and the OTI kitchen crew often whip up a feature in addition to their daily delicious desserts.

Good to know: The amazing views at OTI are due to the location which is elevated and there are no elevators.  If you have mobility issues OTI is probably not the place for you.  Basseterre is nearby and you can easily walk to experience some of the local vibes.  The Island is really lovely,  full of personality and Caribbean charm.  The ocean is wonderful and clear at reggae beach no need for goggles and a snorkel,  just wear your sunglasses and hold your breathe, so much better!!!  Better to rent a car and see the Island on your time.  I have been visiting St. Kitts for over 14 years and it just keeps getting better!

Now, are you ready for our next adventure?